Topic outline

  • Recordings from Learning into Practice live events

    • On 1st February 2023, Public Health Scotland and Voluntary Health Scotland hosted an event to discuss community advocacy as a preventative and pro-active approach that supports people to be active citizens and self-advocate in relation to decisions affecting their lives. A main focus of the event was in mitigating health inequalities.

    • On 13 December 2022, PHS facilitated an online live discussion on the right to health. The session was well attended and led to some interesting discussion. In case you weren’t able to join you can view the recording here.

    • Hear recommendations from FrameWorks UK on how to frame obesity and change our national conversation. They’ll share practical tips and advice for anyone communicating about health and weight in Scotland, which will reduce stigma, build understanding and drive action on health.

    • In this recording, Public Health Scotland delivered a panel discussion, bringing together colleagues from national and local government, NHS who share their expertise on why employability really matters to health and what action is required.

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