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      All public services in Scotland have a responsibility to reduce inequalities and help create a society where everyone can thrive.  This learning hub provides practice development and improvement support aimed at supporting public services to address the barriers that cause inequalities. The hub primarily targets those who provide essential and emergency public services (including health, social care, education, housing, police, fire and rescue services) across all sectors. It is also useful for everyone who works in a public service as it will support action to reduce inequalities and improve population life outcomes.

      While we recognise that many actions result in reducing inequalities, this hub focuses on three broad areas.

      • Making services inclusive for all.
      • Effective partnership working to reduce inequalities.
      • Advocacy to reduce inequalities.

      To reduce inequalities in a sustainable way requires collective action. Therefore, this resource will be most beneficial for use within services.

      Learners accessing this hub will benefit from having a prior understanding of health inequalities.

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      This hub is a flexible resource that allows you to dip in and out of sections of your choice. You may therefore notice some duplication of content between sections. This is intentional to fit with the flexible design of the hub.

      All transcripts and accessible word versions can be found in the Resources section.

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