Topic outline

  • Introduction

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      Welcome to The link between health literacy and health inequalities e-learning module which has been developed and produced in partnership with NHS Ayrshire & Arran. The Scottish Government health literacy action plan, Making it Easier - a health literacy action plan for Scotland 2017-25, encourages organisations and communities to be more health literacy responsive, ensuring that policies, practices and services are designed to meet people‚Äôs health literacy needs. 

      This e-learning module helps to deliver the national health literacy plan by encouraging individuals and organisations to be mindful of health literacy. The module is suitable for both operational frontline staff and managers who can influence organisational change.

      In order to get the best out of this module, learners are encouraged to complete the Health inequalities learning hub first.

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      Learning outcomes

      • Describe the relationship between health literacy and health inequalities.
      • Recognise the importance of good health literacy to keep people well.
      • Identify groups at risk of low health literacy and the challenges that these groups may face.
      • Reflect on what you can do in your role to improve health literacy and have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.
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