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  • Improving Workplace Health

    Welcome to the Improving Workplace Health course. The course has been designed for people involved in occupational health, health promotion, health and safety, trade union representation and human resources. The course will broaden your understanding in key related areas, such as health and safety, occupational health and wellbeing.

    The course is formed of 8 online modules. To be able to access the full range of modules you need to complete the first module (Introduction) and successfully pass the assessment. Once complete you will be given the enrolment key (or password) to access the remaining modules. This key will be visible at the bottom of the introduction module page when you complete the assessment.

    The full list of modules are:



    Complete this module before getting access to the rest. Learn the basic concepts and identify the main stakeholders for the promotion of workplace safety, health and wellbeing.

    Legislation Image

    Health and safety - Legislation

    Understand your health and safety responsibilities and access resources which will help you complying with legislation.

    Common Hazards

    Health and safety - Common hazards

    Learn how to manage common hazards in you workplace, such as manual handling, display screen equipment, fire or electricity.

    Workplace Health and wellbeing

    Workplace health and well-being

    Improve your staff’s health and wellbeing by promoting positive mental health, non-smoking, healthy diet, physical activity or work-life balance.

    Occupational Health

    Occupational health

    Understand your responsibilities around health surveillance and what occupational health means. Learn about supporting staff attendance and how to engage with occupational health services.

    Managing Long Term Conditions

    Coming soon - Managing long term conditions

    Find out how to support your workforce with a health condition. Learn about common long term health conditions and how to manager them in your workplace.

    Good work thumb
    Coming soon - Good work

    Learn about the different aspects of good work and how you could apply them to your organisation.

    Planning thumb
    Planning and reviewing

    Make sure you work through the planning cycle to ensure workplace interventions are effective. Learn about how to review them and learn from the experience.

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