Topic outline

  • Introduction

    This course builds on learning covered in HBC level 1 and is part of a blended learning course in health behaviour change.

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      Learning outcomes

      After completing this module you will be able to:

      • Define the links between public health, health behaviour change and health inequalities
      • Understand the underlying principles for fostering a good alliance and structuring a brief intervention 
      • Demonstrate knowledge of the potential impact of social and cultural difference on the effectiveness and acceptability of an intervention for all clients
      • Identify a range of health behaviour techniques and understand their application to support change within individuals and groups
      • Reflect on your own practice, development needs, beliefs and values

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      Course structure

      The course includes 8 sections and should take around 3 hours to complete.

      Clicking on bold blue text takes you to further explanation or information related to the text.

      In the top right of the screen is the resources icon.  Clicking this will open the resource list.  You can click on each of the links for some additional reading.

      On completion of all the sections you will be taken to a formal assessment.  After doing the assessment, you will be able to access a certificate of completion, or receive feedback on your responses.

  • Enrolment

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