Topic outline

  • Introduction

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      Welcome to ‘Making communication even better’ learning hub.  The learning hub is for anyone working in a frontline public service role encountering people with communication support needs (CSNs).  It is also for managers who are involved in the design of services. 

      Throughout the learning hub, people with different CSNs share their experiences of accessing public services. Sometimes these show good practice and sometimes these result in communication barriers.  Public service staff and managers must take action to eliminate these barriers and respond effectively.

      The learning hub has been developed in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland, Talking Mats, deafscotland and people who have a CSN. 

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      Learning objectives

      • Provides an overview of CSN and different methods of communication. 
      • Raises awareness of what can happen when people with a CSN are denied their right to communication. 
      • Promotes reflection and thinking about inclusive communication.
      • Enable you to examine your service from the point of view of people with a CSN Fosters a communication friendly environment.

  • Enrolment

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