Topic outline

  • Introduction

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      Welcome to Making connections between health, housing and homelessness, a learning resource for primary care staff. 

      This learning resource aims to increase your awareness of the opportunities and challenges associated with improving health for people who are homeless or living in poor housing conditions. 

      The resource is applicable to learners working at any level in primary care and provides foundation level knowledge and skills, with signposting to iKit for those wanting to explore key issues further.

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      Learning outcomes

      • Recognise that the impact of unsuitable housing and homelessness on health and wellbeing is a public health issue for Scotland.
      • Identify the circumstances that can lead to unsuitable housing and homelessness.
      • Reflect on the important role of primary care in early intervention and reduction of inequalities in health and wellbeing, related to unsuitable housing and homelessness.
      • Take a person-centred approach and uphold the rights of service users who are in unsuitable housing or homeless.
      • Reflect on their own practice and identify actions for improvement.
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