Weekly outline

  • Welcome to Making connections between health, housing and homelessness, a learning resource for primary care staff. 

    This learning resource aims to increase your awareness of the opportunities and challenges associated with improving health for people who are homeless or living in poor housing conditions. 

    The resource is applicable to learners working at any level in primary care and provides foundation level knowledge and skills, with signposting to iKit for those wanting to explore key issues further.

    If you wish to undertake the assessment, you will need to enrol in the course

    • Learning resources

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      Making connections between health, housing and homelessness
      Making connections between health, housing and homelessness

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        To navigate the eLearning component, there are a number of options

        1. Click the section of the course you wish to join at the bottom of the screen
        2. All sections of the module are scrollable either with a mouse (or with a thumb when using a tablet or smartphone)
        3. You will find a small icon in the top left of the screen which when clicked on will take you back to the home page.
        4. You will also find an icon in the top right of the screen which when clicked will save all your reflective answers as a PDF.

        Please note that the following module is compatible with the following screen readers:

        1. Jaws
        2. NVDA
        3. Native voiceover apps on iOS or Android

        If you wish to view an accessible version of the module, they can be found here or in the folder 'Accessible versions' below.

      • iKit

        The iKit is made up of a number of parts that can help you to reflect on your practice and identify actions for improvement.

      • Assessment

        Here you will find the closing assessment. This is made up of a set of ten questions, reflecting key learning from the eLearning module.

        A pass mark of at least 70% is required to successfully conclude the learning and receive your certificate of completion.

      • Evaluation

        Congratulations on successfully completing the learning.

        Please take a few minutes to tell us what you thought of it and provide us with some feedback.

        For the Evaluation, please click on the link below.

        Thank you for completing the evaluation form. Your comments will help us with ongoing improvements.

      • Certificate

        Once you have completed the assessment, reviewed the Learning into practice guidance document and submitted feedback through the evaluation survey, you can download your certificate below.

        Your certificate of completion is downloaded as a PDF document. Please ensure that you have a PDF reader installed in your web browser before accessing it. If you have difficulty, please contact your IT team first to check that this is installed and working correctly.

        Certificates are not available until

        • you have read the practical - how to guide in the Learning into practice section

        • the evaluation questionnaire is marked as complete

        • the assessment is marked as complete with a score of 70% or above.