Irene Croal (NHS Grampian)  
"This is a really useful resource and one that I expect to use again and again. I have looked at a number of resources on inequalities – most of them describe and explain why these exist. Some are highly informative and provide route maps towards reducing the gap, but often through large scale political and social change. This gets to the grassroots of how to improve our own services, where we can influence changes in the way that we deliver and in how we assess the impact through collaborating and engaging with the people that we aim to serve."  
Lesley Sargent (NHS Lothian)  
"Breaking barriers to reduce inequalities is an interesting and well-developed resource that will be a welcome addition to the suite of online learning available to a wide range of practitioners working within health, education and social care." 
Adekemi Williams (Public Health Scotland) 
“I thought the resource was well thought out, concise, and the content was easy to follow. This resource gives us guidance on how to adapt to improve our practice to address inequalities we may have been reinforcing and advocate for those marginalised. Provides practical examples of engaging, communicating, and getting participation from your stakeholders and partners, which is key to public services. The resource supports staff to consolidate their practice.” 
Claire Coburn (East Renfrewshire Council)  
"The course includes a huge amount of information and I can see it is structured in a way to try to help the user navigate through the multi-levels as best they can. The use of graphics throughout is excellent. Where these are used as clickable or hoverable links they make the page more appealing and engaging and a lot less daunting than having too much text! Where the graphics are used to demonstrate a process, they do so in a way that is clear and easily absorbed by the audience."  
Claire McCririck  
"Liked availability of the word versions per section – very accessible and makes it easier to use the material."