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Childhood Immunisations

Routine immunisations:

 1) A guide to childhood immunisations up to 5 years of age - (please note that this guide contains information about all the childhood routine immunisations that are offered in Scotland).

 2) Childhood flu immunisation children aged 2-5 leaflets (Scotland) - (please note that flu immunisation is offered routinely, since 2014/15, to all children 2-11 years of age. This leaflet contains information for parents of children 2-5 years of age).

 3) Childhood flu immunisation primary school leaflets (Scotland) - (please note that this leaflet contains information regarding flu immunisation, for parents of primary-school-aged children).

 Non routine immunisations, however maybe still relevant resources:

 1) BCG and your baby - (please note that this leaflet contains information about the BCG vaccine which protects against Tuberculosis. The BCG vaccine is offered to babies who are more likely to come into contact with someone with Tuberculosis).

 2) Hepatitis B: How to protect your baby - note that this leaflet contains information about Hepatitis B immunisation. Hepatitis B immunisation is offered to babies whose mothers or close family have been infected with Hepatitis B).

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