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Setting the Table - Nutritional guidance and Food Standards for Early Years Childcare Providers in Scotland - NHS Health Scotland/Scottish Government  2015

Setting the Table’ supports early year’s childcare providers to meet the Scottish Government ‘National Care Standards: Early Education and Childcare up to the age of 16’ and a range of other policies aimed at improving health and wellbeing in young children. 


It highlights the importance of nutrition in the early years and the role that childcare providers have in shaping both current and future eating patterns in young children in Scotland.  The new resource includes practical activities to encourage healthier choices in young children and has been expanded to include the needs of infants from birth to 1 year.


This will replace ‘Nutritional Guidance for the Early Years: Food Choices for Children Aged 1 - 5 Years in Early Education and Childcare Settings’ (2006) and ‘Adventures in Foodland’ (NHS Health Scotland 2004).

Last modified: Monday, 18 May 2015, 11:59 AM