Topic outline

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    • The hub is aimed at staff in public services that come into contact with families and children and anyone working to improve outcomes for children and families. This includes staff in NHS boards and health and social care partnerships, local authorities, the wider public sector and parts of the third sector that work with families and communities.

      Learning hub objectives

      • Provide an overview of child poverty in Scotland
      • Raise awareness of the drivers of child poverty and the population groups at higher risk
      • Describe the impact of child poverty
      • Outline key actions to address child poverty
    • This learning hub is for anyone who wishes to develop their understanding of what public health is. This hub will also consider how collectively in Scotland we all have a role in improving our population's health with a focus on reducing health inequalities. 

      Through your learning, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your role and the part you can play with others to contribute to public health in Scotland.

      Learning hub objectives

      • Provide an overview of public health and how it is delivered in Scotland
      • Provide examples of sectors that have a public health role
      • Support learners to reflect on their learning of public health
      • Embed the message that everyone has a part to play
    • This learning hub is suitable for anyone who has an interest in understanding health inequalities in Scotland and the steps you can take to help reduce them. You will focus on understanding the link between discrimination, inequality, and health Inequalities.

      This will provide you with a strong foundation knowledge of the subject matter. 

      Learning hub objectives

      • Introduce the link between discrimination, inequalities and health inequalities
      • Introduce the causes and impact of health inequalities in Scotland
      • Introduce the values that result in positive outcomes for people
      • Promote a human rights-based approach to address health inequalities
      • Support reflection of current practice and application of new learning into practice