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    Tackling health inequalities within health & social care

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    • Welcome to tackling health inequalities within health and social care e-module

      This module is suitable for staff from all sectors of the health & social care workforce who have or have potential to impact on health inequalities (this can include health, local authority, independent and voluntary sector and volunteers.)

      By the end of the module, you should be able to:

      • Define health inequalities and its main causes within health and social care
      • Interpret the evidence on what works and does not work to reduce health Inequalities
      • Evaluate the different ways health and social care staff can take action to reduce health inequalities
      • Reflect how your own specific role can contribute to reducing health inequalities within health and social care

      You may find it useful to complete our shorter Health Inequalities Awareness emodule first.

      • Course structure

        The module includes 5 sections and should take around 1 hour and half hours to complete.

        During the module and at the end of some sections there is a short quiz and reflection activities. You will receive feedback on your answers. Before the module starts please access the reflective journal, this will help capture your reflections and ideas throughout the module.

        In the top right of the screen is the resources icon. Clicking this will open the resource list. You can click on each of the links for some additional reading.

        Clicking on bold blue text takes you to further explanation or information related to the text.

        On completion of all the sections you will be directed to a forum where there is an opportunity to continue your learning and discussion with others on actions that can or have been taken to reduce health inequalities.


        • Before you start

          Think about what you can do to put yourself in a productive state for learning.  How can you make sure you are:

          • Alert?
          • Focused?
          • Open

          Make a note of where you are if you need to stop (this resource does not track progress, so you might lose your place).

          Spend a reasonable amount of time on the reflective questions, you may want to come back to these if you need more time.

          Sit in a comfortable position, in a quiet area away from distractions.

          Remember to take regular breaks.

          If you require further support contact NHS Health Scotland's VLE Helpdesk at

          • e-module

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            To navigate the module there are a number of options:

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            • Clicking the section menu located along the top of the module
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