Raising awareness of population health and health inequalities

Health inequalities are the unjust and avoidable differences in people’s health across the population and between specific population groups. Every day, public services staff deal with the effects of health inequalities and the impact of poor health outcomes. As a leader you have a key role in ensuring the public services workforce influences the change required to address these health inequalities. When non-executives / executive board members are making important strategic decisions or prioritising services, they need to consider the impact of their decisions on health inequalities.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this section you will be able to

  • identify the link between health inequalities and population health
  • describe the health inequalities context in Scotland, the causes and how you can help reduce them.
The film clip below shows a high-level overview of some of the most prominent health inequalities in Scotland.

Additional Resources

Now take some time to explore these additional resources below. If you would like to remain on the learning hub and open the links in a new tab press control when clicking the links.

A Scotland where everybody thrives: Public Health Scotland's Strategic Plan 2020-23

Public health reform in Scotland

Health inequalities in Scotland - Improve your understanding of the different health inequalities faced by the Scottish population, the causes of health inequalities and impact that they have.

Reducing health inequalities - Articles explaining how we can tackle health inequalities in Scotland with a view to reducing them

The role of health and social care partnerships in reducing health inequalities 

Christie Commission

Call to action

  • List the steps you would take to ensure that your organisation considers and takes action on inequalities as a core part of their business.
  • Assess what plans are in place to develop your organisations workforce with the required competencies to reduce inequalities.
  • Outline what steps you need to take to lead and advocate to reduce health inequalities.

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