Additional course information

This page will detail some additional course information.

Learning hub objectives

  • Provide an overview of discrimination and its impact on Scotland’s population
  • Introduce the link between discrimination, inequalities and health inequalities
  • Introduce the causes and impact of health inequalities in Scotland
  • Introduce the values that result in positive outcomes for people
  • Promote a human rights-based approach to address health inequalities
  • Support reflection of current practice and application of new learning into practice

Public health skills and knowledge framework (PHSKF)

The learning hub can help to develop evidence for the following functions of the PHKSF

 C2.1 - manage public perception and convey key messages using a range of media processes

C2.2 - communicate sometimes complex information and concepts (including health outcomes, inequalities and life expectancy) to a diversity of audiences using different methods

C4.5 - design, implement, deliver and/or quality assure education and training programmes, to build a skilled and competent workforce

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