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    This page will detail some additional course information.

    Learning outcomes

    By completing this resource you will be able to:

    • Recognise the different types of communication support needs
    • Describe the basics of BSL as a language and the rights of BSL users
    • Respond appropriately to the communication preferences of BSL users
    • Reflect on ways of improving current practice

    This resource was created in partnership with BSL service users, deafscotland, Deafblind Scotland, Scottish Social Services Council, Care Inspectorate, NHS Education Scotland, NHS Lothian and NHS Forth Valley.

    This module can help to develop evidence for the PHSKF




    PHSKF Description

    PHSKF #





    1 & 2

    communicate sometimes complex information and concepts (including health outcomes, inequalities and life expectancy) to a diversity of audiences using different methods




    facilitate dialogue with groups and communities to improve health literacy and reduce inequalities using a range of tools and technologies




    Reflect on ways of improving current practice